Client: HCL

Platform: Twitter + Facebook

Campaign hashtag: #UnitedByHCL

Campaign details:

Celebrations are an integral part of the fan experience, across sports – goals, home runs, touchdowns, with several iconic moments featuring controversy, creativity and pop culture in equal measure, often imitated but never replicated. Every week fans around the world tune in to watch their favorite Football players celebrate. HCL Technologies, the digital transformation partner for Manchester United, gave the Red Devil fans a chance to show Manchester United players how to celebrate, hence collaborating to create the first ever co-created celebration.

On getting the brief for the campaign, street fighters at Kreativ Street got their mind horses running and devised a twitter campaign called #UnitedByHCL – First ever co-created celebration.

As a part of this campaign, Fans were invited to share their ideas of celebration and for the first time it was planned that the superstars at United will emulate the fans and not vice versa. The best ideas from fans were to receive responses from the players live, and fans who send in images of their personal celebratory pose stood a chance to see themselves side by side with a MU player, in a special picture response.

The global campaign was extremely successful, generating more than 107 Million impressions, engaging around 120K users across the globe. Manchester United fans from all over the world participated in the event, with the top unofficial fanclub accounts like @FullTimeDevils and @MUFCLatestNews emerging as the top engaged accounts. The campaign hashtag #UnitedByHCL became the top trend in India and retained the position for entire duration of the campaign.

Fun Fact:

Our very own Prashant got Luke Show to emulate his Usain Bolt style celebration.