KREAT is a German word meaning, well, create, around which we have built our motto and name. Our team at Kreativ Street grew up with the digital revolution, witnessing every change, every upgrade up close and personal. We believe in change, in evolution, in breaking barriers. In Growth. And the only way you can actually grow faster is by getting back to basics. ‘Well begun is half done’ obviously means something right? Leave it to us to create the most creative digital marketing experience for you.

Our approach:

We had all these ideas about how to design and create and execute the perfect digital marketing ideas, so one of us wrote it down and made it official. We decided to call it, surprise surprise, KREAT! Here’s what it means:

K – Knowhow:

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there’. But obviously you aren’t going just anywhere, you have objectives, a vision, an idea. Help us understand this vision and we’ll make sure you get there. Most digital marketing agencies forget to ask clients what they want, ensuring a weak foundation of all future developments. We study the client history, position in the market, target market and their response so far, carry out an analysis of previous marketing strategies, and create a full disclosure environment during this phase so that even if you want a fruit n nut Sundae without fruits or nuts, it becomes clear to us.

R – Research

Be it retail or healthcare, insurance or a startup, whichever industry it is, we got you covered. During this phase we work to understand the market size, customer expectations, and the competition. Digital marketing agencies usually skip this step feeling that understanding the business itself is research enough. We know better.

E – Establish

Once we understand your business and the market, we establish a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. If you have any directions or part of a plan, we start with that, else create our own. Our focus is on untapped reservoirs of opportunity, and where opportunity doesn’t already exist, we create it. We piece together the entire strategy, and we make sure you are aware of what we’re going to do, before we proceed to the next step.

A – Action

The three preceding steps culminate into this one. Action. As important as the planning procedure is, the execution and implementation are equally imperative if not more. Our execution is flawless, and our strategists work with greatest precision and timing to ensure your digital marketing strategy is successful.

T – Test

Scientists have found that the average consumer changes his/her mind at least a million times an hour. Hence all of our plans have room for change. We watch closely as our strategy unfolds, and when and where we need to, we improvise. And judging from our past experiences, it works.

At the end of the day, building the brand is important, but giving consumers what they want is equally important. It is a chain reaction, where if your target market is satisfied, you grow too. At Kreativ Street, we ensure the consumer grows, and as a result you grow.