The lives we touch in our lifetime create legacies stronger than any monument could ever build. HCL has been touching lives ever since its inception, and now wanted to ensure that in future there are sufficient harbingers of change. For their stories to be written tomorrow it is important to start writing today. With this in mind HCL began writing #Chapter1.

#Chapter1 is a social movement with an intent to spread awareness and provide books to children who need them the most. The initiative does not require any monetary contribution, all anyone needs is to send out a tweet with the hashtag #Chapter1. This hashtag is tracked in real-time and for every fifth tweet with this hashtag, one book is marked for donation to the children. The primary objective of the campaign is to generate awareness about the lack of resources in the primary education system. HCL believes this will encourage people to take independent initiatives to provide books and education resources to the young children of the country, to ensure the next generation is equipped to bring change and touch lives.

#Chapter1 by HCL.

The day #Chapter1 was launched, a nationwide influencer campaign was launched by Kreativ Street, and in a matter of minutes everyone was talking about it. 

The campaign was joined by over 1300 users, with 7000 tweets going out. Long after the campaign was over people continued tweeting with the hashtag #Chapter1, after which additional books were donated,bringing the overall figure to 1500 books. 75 million impressions were generated through the campaign, with a total reach of 21 million.

Kreativ Street is honoured to have been a part of this campaign.