It’s the kickoff to a new year ( yeah I know, already 23 days up, but still), which means clean slates and fresh starts. It’s time to innovate, set goals for our company and make resolutions for 2017. But did you know that 92 percent of people who set goals are unable to achieve them?

Dismal stats, no doubt, but we’re still going to go out on a limb here with a few resolutions, in order to keep us firmly in the other 8 percent, a constant reminder us of our BHAG

New Age, New you. That adage just shouldn’t apply to our personal lives but to what we are doing professionally. When we at Kreativ Street discuss what we should be and what we should aim to be, it’s always the goal that becomes our guiding light, our BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal as Jim Collins rightly put. We want to create an organization that is so uniquely positioned and skilled that a client will pick up the phone and immediately brief us on their next assignment without even a pitch

Here is how we will deal with challenges ahead and taking resolutions towards becoming a true “no pitch” destination agency –

Last 3-4 years I have been in meetings with clients where someone or the other says that they are looking for “out-of-the-box” ideas aka “viral ideas” in today’s terminology. To me, it seems like a ridiculous request. We create ideas that fulfill business objectives (they are sometimes outrageous), and ideas should never be uncontained, unmeasured and unusable. At the Street, we are problem solvers and all problem solvers think inside the box, a box of constraints – budget, time, people and risk. We vow to create the best, most creative and certainly most effective work living inside the box

Candour is what makes creativity go faster, better and smarter. Additionally, creativity compromised is not going to get the job done. We live in an age of right now, a challenging period where results and feedback are instantaneous. Businesses have turned aggressive and yet mildly demure in their outreach. The work we do enters into a harsh world of digital clutter where the human attention span has been cut down to less than ten seconds. We vow to take clients opinion in positive stride and hope they be more of the above

Before I lose your attention, moving forward

We want to be real partners to our clients, those that can call BS anytime over the call. We see a huge correlation between curiosity and effective work, we would focus our energies on our work and on the other hand expect our clients to make us partners in their mission and not just an outsourcing agency to get the work done. We vow that we keep fighting for great work for you day after day after day

Right now everyone is reading the same blogs, following the same trends and feeling pressure to respond to every competitive move on a new platform or technology. In a time of instant gratification, we all feel compelled to answer now, but we say wait. We have to stop and think about what makes strategic sense at each stage because at the end of the day no one can reply their business model, it has been build brick by brick. Sometimes being Quite is powerful, it’s an important aspect of creativity. We vow to be relevant and agile, by speaking to what matters to our brands’ customers at the right time when our message will stick with them

It is exciting and frustrating. We plan to show only our best work/attempt for we believe that less is absolutely more. This business is a show, it’s a song and dance choreography, a case study, amazing photography, design and breakthrough copy. That’s what sells. That’s all we want. We vow to always strive for the best and we’ll celebrate success together

When taken together, these resolutions might sound daunting, but we are not forging ahead alone, we are looking for people who share the above principles and also people ready to rethink out of set patterns. Let’s partner and get 2017 off to a great start. You can start by saying hello to

The great poet Horace said, “Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”