As recently as 15 years ago, social media was nothing more than a hobby used to find out what was going on around them. Today social media is an integral part of every business’ strategy. With the right plan and execution, social media has the power to directly and positively affect sales and achieve business objectives.

Social media is growing, with or without you!

It’s a fact. No matter which industry your business is a part of, social media as a marketing tool is growing and will continue to grow, whether you decide to adopt it into your business strategy or not. In 2010, 75% businesses had a business page on either Facebook or LinkedIn, up from 73% in 2009. This number has grown multiple-fold in the past 7 years, and with good reason. A social media platform is the one place where you will find all your customers, both present and potential, and they’re all talking about what they want and how to get it. The point is that if you’re not on social media, then you’re not a part of that conversation. You may not like the visibility or potential backlash, but social media is here to stay, so you might as well embrace it.  

Social Media has impacted traditional marketing negatively.

Social media has transformed from a trend to a necessity. It fulfils the need to communicate, share and interact. While traditional marketing methods can drive traffic and footfall, social media helps your business to gather followers and lets your business and brand travel seamlessly beyond geographical boundaries. There is also the problem of marketer-centric traditional marketing methods which have been increasingly rejected by customers in the last decade. In the year 2014 alone, the use of ad blockers grew by 41% globally.

Highly relevant engagement defines personalized customer experience.

Customer engagement is the key to building trust, and social media helps you do just that! Interacting one-on-one with customers on a regular basis makes brands appear more real and human, and less like a marketing gimmick. With the growing emphasis on personalized customer experience, social media is the way to go!

Nothing says ‘we care’ like a personal tweet.

There are a few metrics that show you exactly what made your business grow. Therefore a lot of marketing initiatives are instantly recognized by customers as sale or revenue oriented and dismissed (there is no question now that customers almost instantly reject branded or marketing content). However a personalized tweet addressed to a dissatisfied customer, or a customized discount voucher in a customer’s inbox goes a long way and makes the customer feel special.

The buyers know better.

Online reviews matter. According to one study, 88% consumers trust online reviews more than word of mouth. Businesses like Amazon give customers the option to write ‘Verified reviews’ which certifies that the review has been given after the consumer has used the product purchased through their site. This makes businesses more transparent and as a result, more reliable.

Effective crisis control is possible thanks to virtual platforms.

The internet is the best way to control a virtual epidemic. One unhappy customer is bad for business, and as the numbers grow, the negative impact on business grows exponentially. Without a social presence, it is impossible to get a bad situation under control. But social media can help you effectively control situations that customers may be talking about on social media and also on their personal blogs and websites. Social media is the best way to know what others are saying about your business.

In the end,

It doesn’t matter whether you think your business needs a social media presence or not. We’re here to tell you that social media is more than just a bonus or a passing trend. It has become a major factor in determining how customers view your business and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.