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#Chapter1-HCL’s book donation drive on Twitter

The lives we touch in our lifetime create legacies stronger than any monument could ever build. HCL has been touching lives ever since its inception, and now wanted to ensure that in future there are sufficient harbingers of change. For... Continue Reading →

#ThankYouHM- Black Friday Campaign

The tradition of Thanksgiving started 400 years ago to celebrate the union of the colonists and the Indians( not us Indian, the other ones). The day after Thanksgiving is celebrated as Black Friday, a day of discounts, sales and crowds... Continue Reading →

#UnitedByHCL – First Ever Co-Created Celebration

Client: HCL Platform: Twitter + Facebook Campaign hashtag: #UnitedByHCL Campaign details: Celebrations are an integral part of the fan experience, across sports – goals, home runs, touchdowns, with several iconic moments featuring controversy, creativity and pop culture in equal measure,... Continue Reading →

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