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Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Crucial in Business

With the explosion of technology and digital marketing in businesses, enterprises are doing all that they can – to explore different ways how digital marketing helps businesses grow. Businesses these days are willing to take up anything to grow and... Continue Reading →

How Social Media Marketing Affects Your Business Growth

Let’s start with the definition of marketing. Marketing is the series of actions that involves researching, planning, selling, and promoting products or services in a business. This is where social media comes into the picture for the effective marketing strategy.... Continue Reading →

Why Businesses Can’t Function Without Social Media

As recently as 15 years ago, social media was nothing more than a hobby used to find out what was going on around them. Today social media is an integral part of every business’ strategy. With the right plan and... Continue Reading →

#UnitedByHCL – First Ever Co-Created Celebration

Client: HCL Platform: Twitter + Facebook Campaign hashtag: #UnitedByHCL Campaign details: Celebrations are an integral part of the fan experience, across sports – goals, home runs, touchdowns, with several iconic moments featuring controversy, creativity and pop culture in equal measure,... Continue Reading →

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